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supercar2You don't have to own a supercar to take pride in your vehicle.

We offer professional services to maintain, enhance and upgrade your car, truck or SUV

You don't have to own a supercar to care about how your vehicle looks and operates. Maintaining and upgrading your ride can help protect your investment and make your daly commute a lot more fun. You spend a lot of time behind the wheel, why not enjoy it more?

Finishing Touch Topeka's services:

Maintaining and upgrading your vehicle is a good investment. Talk with our vehicle specialists about ways you can enhance your ride today.

Need something not on our list?

If it helps our customers protect, enhance or upgrade their vehicles, we probably do it. Give us a call - (785) 232-6662. We add new services on a regular basis.

Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Repair Woman Admiring FixPaintless dent repair saves money and looks great.

What is paintless dent repair?

Paintless dent repair is a non-invasive vehicle repair system requiring specialized tools and training that can repair minor body damage (hail dents, parking lot rash, etc.) without requiring the expense and vehicle depreciation associated with paint and body filler work. Pressure is gently applied from the inside of a vehicles's body panels returning the metal back to its undamaged condition.


  • Saves you money - Paintless dent repair takes less time savying you money.
  • Saves you time - No time-consuming body filler and paintwork gets you back on the road sooner.
  • Retains value - Paint work can seriously reduce your vehicle's resale and trade-in value.
  • Greener - Less environmental impact because no toxic chemicals or paint is used.

Paintless dent repair is the best solution for minor dents caused by hail and other environment factors. Call (785) 221-1126 today or drop by for your free inspection to see if paintless dent repair is right for you.

Paint Touch Up & Minor Body Work

Paint and Minor Body RepairProtect your investment and keep your ride looking great.

Minor body repairs & paint touch up

Sometimes you need more than some minor dents removed. No worries! From minor scratches to complete bumper replacements, Finishing Touch Topeka offers a full range of paint and minor body repair services.

Our minor body repair, paint and touch up services will help keep your car in top condition.


  • Protect Your Investment - Stopping rust and corrosion protects your investment. At trade in time, you'll be glad you did.

Call (785) 232-6662 today or drop by for your free estimate.

Window Tinting

Temperature GaugeHow hot is too hot? Window tinting can make a big difference.

Professional Window Tinting Done Right

Finishing Touch Topeka offers professional window tinting using a tough, scratch-resistant laminate that is applied to the window glass surfaces of your car, truck or SUV to protect you and your valuables from the harmful rays of the sun.


  • Protection - Helps protect you and your valuables from the harmful rays of the sun.
  • Cooler - Keeps your car cooler in the summer saving gas.
  • Looks great - Tinted windows add a classy and upscale look to your vehicle.

Call (785) 232-6662 today or drop by for your free estimate.

Vehicle Exterior Detailing


Is your paint looking faded and lifeless? Bug & rock chips? Door dings & parking lot rash?

Protect your investment by keeping your vehicle looking great. Let our detailing experts take your vehicle to the next level.


  • Stop rust before it stops you - Minor paint scrapes and scratches can lead to major rust problems later.
  • Time to trade? - Making sure your car exterior looks great is your best move before trading.

Call (785) 232-6662 today or drop by for your free estimate.

Headlight Reconditioning

before after headlights

Difficulty seeing at night because your headlights are too dim? Let there be light!

The before and after image above speaks for itself. Over time, your headlight lenses can become discolored and foggy, blocking the full intensity of the headlight. Aging lenses are not only unattractive and make your car look older than it is, they can be a safety issue. Bright, clear headlights look great and can improve your nighttime driving experience.


  • Safety - Brighter, clearer headlights can help you see better at night.
  • Protects your investment - Foggy discolored headlights can reduce your vehicle's value.

Call (785) 232-6662 today or drop by for your free estimate.